Why I Deleted Them

I’m a big girl and I promise not to break anything

Nicky Dee
4 min readMay 24, 2022
Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

I’ve just deleted Instagram. Again.

The mission, to delete Instagram, took over half an hour (or more because internet time) and included a web browser search on how to delete Instagram.


Never mind the prior half-hour wasted navigating around the app to find the “delete my account” option that was never there in the first place.

Annoying as fuck.

This feels the same, to me, as being stuck in the impulse aisle in rush hour shopping. With a hungry two year old. I guess the developers were hoping I’d give in and give up.

I did not.

On principle alone.

Although I’m far better at sticking to my principles than a low sugar diet, to be fair.

I deleted Instagram because I don’t use it.

Since Fakebook absorbed it during my absence between accounts, Instagram now has a weird, cold, clinical vibe that is plain unsettling. I’ve rarely gone on the app, yet I’ve felt obliged to because I have an account.

Delete. Problem solved.

This l’il rant isn’t about the giants of social media and 24/7 Total Recall never ending marketing, though.

This is about fucking respect.

There are other apps that make it difficult to hit the delete button after you’ve taken the time to open an account. Because there isn’t one. Thing is… you can’t check the app out until you’ve opened an account.

See what they did there?

I recently actually had to write to customer support, for an app whose name shall not be mentioned, to politely ask them to delete my account. No. Not because I’m a Bot.

Okay. Admittedly I’m a total Bot on Fortnite. The kids remind me gleefully all of the time. And I happily admit it because they’re far, far better at the game.

But I also happen to be a web developer and I know a little bit about development and tech.